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A BIG Thank You!

My family and I attended your block party this past Saturday and would like to say thank you.

My son is 3 and does not talk yet, but LOVES music. He was engaged especially by the group Hands of Praise as they were signing to music.  He got closer and closer to the stage as I felt the crowd to see how accepting they may be to him joining the group.

People could not have been nicer as he jumped around and clapped on stage. This meant the world to him and to me and his father as well.  My son, Sage, was diagnosed with mild to moderate Autism less than a year ago and his main challenge is with his speech development and understanding boundaries. While a lot of children with Autism are anti-social my son is VERY social and loves to be a part of it all.

Not only was it nice that you all hosted such a wonderful event for the community, but you allowed my son to join in with his favorite thing in the world, music.

 Thanks again and may you all be blessed in all that you do.